JTRB is a Receipt Bank Bronze Partner​

Receipt Bank Bronze

Just the Right Balance is now a proud
Receipt Bank Bronze Partner

We are beyond excited to announce that Just the Right Balance is now a Receipt Bank Bronze Partner.

Our belief in workplace automation and strategically managing time has enabled us to take advantage of growing technology and help ensure our clients are focusing on what is most important – their business.

As a cloud accounting provider, we have taken advantage of the Receipt Bank platform to help streamline processes and increase productivity in both our company and in our client’s company.

Receipt Bank is the world’s favourite paperless bookkeeping platform, connecting accountants, bookkeepers and businesses. Since 2010, they have been making it simple to capture, process and share financial documents because you have better things to do than data entry.

Integrating seamlessly into Xero, easy to use mobile app and dedicated company email-in address is only some of the reasons we love this program. Receipt Bank can also:

  • Fetch automatically generated invoices such as those for subscription services and social media billing.
  • Extract bank statement information with 99% accuracy.
  • Alert you to duplicate transactions.
  • Track workload, client reports and deadlines.

Our relationship with Receipt Bank is just one example of how JTRB is utilising new technology to benefit our clients and help them grow. If you would like further information, please contact JTRB today.

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