Debt Collection

Our solution utilises an automatic process that reminds the customer of their debt in a composed manner, We also help you create a Debt Recovery Policy for your business so that all your customers are aware of what will happen if they fail to pay by the due date. 


Our automated process can save you a minimum of 2 hours a week in administrative work.

VCAT Support

If you need to forcefully collect a debt, JTRB will ensure you met all the legal requirements.

constant monitoring

With constant monitoring, you will have assurance that your cashflow will regulate and reliable.

proven results

Our debt recovery procedures have helped a number of businesses and has ongoing successful results.

Frequently asked questions

A debt recovery policy will not only define the process for following up bad debts—it will educate your clients on what will happen if they do not pay within the decided payment terms. 

JTRB can support you with the completion of your VCAT application, but finalisation and payment is your responsibility. 

JTRB cannot attend VCAT on your behalf. We can help you prepare for the experience with support in document preparation and advice from previous experience. 

If you do not want to forcefully recover debt, you have limited options, such as;

  • Write off bad debt
  • Continue to send recovery notices. 

This is where your debt recovery policy will be useful, it will outline what to do in this situation. 

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