Eftpos Receipts vs Tax Invoices

Not everyone knows that there is a difference between a tax invoice and an Eftpos receipt. For tax compliance, you need to provide tax invoices for your expenses. As an Eftpos receipt does not provide all the information that a tax

To be a tax invoice, a document must clearly display the following:

  1. The company’s name
  2.  The ABN (Australian Business Number
  3. A description of what was purchased
  4. The quantity and price of product
  5. Date it was issued
  6. Total price including GST if applicable
  7. Amount of GST or note GST included in price
  8. Be clearly labeled Tax Invoice
Receipt Comparason

As you can see the Eftpos receipt doesn’t show: 


For more information on tax invoice requirements, you can check out the ATO website here. 

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